Monday, 8 August 2011

We want you to read French authors!

As French girls, we wanted to do a little something to promote French litterature to English speaking people. Then came the idea of this challenge. The goal is for you to read as many French books (in English, but if you want to try reading in French, be our guest) as you want.

I've made a non exhaustive list of French books that I know have been translated in English, feel free to choose other books too if you find some. I'll add them on the list.

This list will be on the challenge page so that you can access it easily without searching (you'll find the page at the top of the blog, just above the articles).

From the 1st of September, you'll be able to enter links pointing to your reviews of French books read for the challenge in the Mr Linky box right here. Once a month, I'll check them and will make a clear list of what each of you have read so far.

You'll have 1 year to read as many books as you chose to. Here are the different levels you can try to reach:

Antoine de St Exupéry level (1 book)
Alexandre Dumas level (3 books)
Albert Camus level (5 books)
Jules Verne level (10 books)
Victor Hugo level (More than 20 books)

To answer some of your questions:

* You can only read novels (let's say more than 80 pages at least) and plays.
* You can choose ebooks, paper or audio books.
* Only books read between September 1st and August 31st of this year count (but if you want to reread a book you've read before this challenge, you can).
* You can join and change your level of participation at any time, and you don't have to list in advance the book(s) you'll read.
* Crossovers with other challenges are allowed.
* You can register starting today, just leave a comment on this post to let us know you're in.

Voilà! See you on September the 1st!

18 commentaires:

I'd love to take part in this! I don't know realistically how many French books I can read but I'll aim for 3!!! :D

I'm glad you're trying ! 3 is a good start ! :D

Thanks for the great challenge, looking forward to it!
I'm starting with the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the selected short stories of Guy de Maupassant and Le Petit Prince!
I think I'll aim for the Jules Verne level and see where I end up :)


You're welcome!
Thanks for coming! Hope you'll reach your goal!

cool! here is my post, and I'll be adding some:
and do you know about the challenge I host?:
I plan to read at least 5

Hey, thanks for joining! I hope you'll like the books, and I'll have a look at your challenge, I need to check which books came out in the first year of my life ;)

WordsandPeace : So, are you aiming for 9 ? :)

Eh ben les filles, je savais pas que vous aviez un blog en anglais ! Très bonne idée ce challenge !

I'm in. I'll go for the Victor Hugo Level (20+ books). I'm getting familiar with Daniel Pennac this month.

I'm glad to count you in! Nice goal! And I'm glad you pick Pennac, since is one of my favorite French authors! :)

I just saw this challenge and as I already had the intention of reading in French (Schmitt and Barbery are on the TBR), please count me in for 3 books for the time being. Greetings from Brussels!!

Hey! Brussels he? Not far away from where I currently am ^^
Thanks for joining us!

Salut! I hope you don't mind me signing up so late. My blog's and I'm literally just starting it. I'll sign up for the Jules Verne level, please!

Came here because of the Locke Lamora read along and saw this challenge.

I recently read my first Jules Verne and I've wanted to read Le Miserables for the LONGEST time. I think this challenge will be a welcome respite from my own SF project when I've got extra time. Not sure that I can commit to too lofty a goal so I'll start with the Antoine de St Exupery level and see if I can push myself. YAY!


Welcome to both of you! I'm glad you're joining us and I hope you'll like what you discover!

By the way, Jeremy, if you read Jules Verne after September 2011, you can count it for the Challenge! If you talked about it on your blog you can link it on the Mr Linky Box! :)

Looks like the We Want You To Read French Authors Challenge should be over by now, but I did not see any concluding post. And you link: The Challenge is broken. Here is my recap, I read 6 titles, 3 of them directly in French:

Oh! Sorry 'bout that, we were really busy those last weeks... and I totally forgot about it...
I'll make the concluding post this monday! Thanks!
For the broken link, I've seen that, I'm trying to see what's wrong with it.

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