Lily Muffin


It’s time for a little introducing! What could you possibly want to know about me? Mmm... I could tell you what I like to read, but you should see that if you read my reviews. I could tell you what stories I like to write but you won’t be able to read them, it is all in French...

How about what I like to eat?

I used to eat strange stuff when I was small, such as purple flowers and lamb brains, and it kind of messed me up in the eat. Since then I switched to more basic stuff, like chocolate and raw salmon and berries... and how good did that do to me, I wonder!

Something else might be of some interest to you: I live in Finland!

How unusual for a French girl you might say, but let me tell you, you haven’t lived long enough in France to realise how the peacefulness and quietness of this country is enjoyable. If you want to drop by and grab some perunapiirakka, I’d be glad to show you around Helsinki!

And, keeping the best for the last...

Oh well, let’s keep the mystery for now, you’ll find out if you read the blog!