Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Start of the Challenge

Today's the day!

Let's start the Challenge! You can still apply for it whenever you want until it ends (Aug 31th, 2012). For those who don't know what challenge I'm talking about, go and have a look here and then there!

How does it work? Easy! Enter the challenge any time, read as many French books as you want, and enter your name & the title of your book (ie Lily (The little prince)) as well as the link to your article for the Challenge in the box below. Do it for as many articles as you publish. And leave a comment to let me know you're participating!

I'll put the name of the contestants here when I'll receive their first review of a French book! Enjoy your readings and see you very soon! (This article will be linked in the Challenge page, so that you can find it easily.)

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hmm, just posted a book by Bocquet, but I don't see my other links, and I can't imagine I would be the first to link. is there another page?? thanks.
and if you want to update your info, I plan to read between 5-10 books.
Emma @ Words And Peace
ehc16e at yahoo dot com

Hm, I think you're the first. You're not that many so... ^^' But try again if you had other links to put in the box, it probably didn't work since I can't see any other links, sorry...

Thanks Lyra, so I just reposted them, including my latest review on le dieu du carnage

First one took a while, but I'm in with more to come!

Congrats! I'm glad you keep on going!

I'm finally getting caught up on my book reviews. Only 19 more books to go! We have a French Exchange student this summer, so I'm picking her brain on what to read.

You can continue the challenge until next august if you want! Nice for the Exchange student!

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