Thursday, 21 April 2011

Welcome on board!

Hello everyone !

Lily Muffin and I would like to share with you our English readings... in English! Since we're both French, that's not the first thing that would come to mind, but we've always wanted to try, so... here it comes!

We hope you'll enjoy this blog where we'll talk about the books we read, the ones we liked and the others, and maybe from time to time of other things, too! We'll try not to make you wait too long between two entries - and please excuse the mistakes that might tag along!

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope you'll be back soon!

4 commentaires:

What a great idea girls ! I'll follow you with great pleasure !

Oh. I'll follow your froggiesblog with pleasure, even if I don't read a lot in english ;)
Have fun in this new project!

Hey girls, I hadn't heard about that blog of yours ! It's a great idea you had, I'll check these pages up on a regular basis :)

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