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Brandon Sanderson - Warbreaker

Title: Warbreaker
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Pub. year: 2009
Pages: 654
Editor: Tor Books

Summary: T'Telir, capital of Hallandren, is a colorful city by the sea where gaily dressed crowds bustle through sunny streets and worship heroes who have been reborn as gods. Ruled by the silent, mysterious God King, the pantheon is nourished by offerings of Breath, the life force that keeps them alive and youthful.

Exiled in Idris, the former royal family reluctantly betrothed a princess to the God King. Arriving in T'Telir, she finds both the city and the marriage are not at all what she expected. Her only ally is Lightsong, a god who is skeptical of his own divinity, who fears that war with Idris is inevitable.

Meanwhile, another new arrival in T'Telir, one who bears the sentient sword Nightblood, makes cunning plans based on the unique magic of Hallandren, which uses color to focus the power of Breath - plans that could change the world.

I got this book as a gift from my fellow Muffin a few weeks ago and I was really willing to read it as soon as I held it in my hands. I don't know.. I must have been absorbed by the cover, or maybe the color ? :D
Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t wait long to open it because it was a very amazing story. You can feel the background behind the whole thing: the characters, the plot, the world, the magic.. nothing is left aside by the author. He even made me enjoy the politic part in it, which is really not something that I’m interested in! Add to all that a certain touch of humor, and you get this perfect story!
I really felt that my way of seing things was somewhat reflected in the book. Sanderson sure knows how to lead his stories.

And as you can see, colors have a really important place in this world.
Knowing that people could only see them if they had enough power made me feel weird but astonished at the same time. Characters are interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes weak, sometimes strong... I could easily feel the story behind each of them, and I couldn't help but being curious about them.
Even though it’s quite a long book (it took me almost two weeks to read it), it really is a story I most certainly will remember for a while. It’s probably something like one of the ten best books I’ve ever read so far!

Quotes :

"That is a good sign, surely. An outright refusal would have meant war for certain."
"And whoever Certain is, I doubt we should have a war for him," Lightsong said idly, inspecting a grape. "War, in my divine opinion, is even worse than politics"
"Some say the two are the same, Your Grace."
"Nonsense. War is far worse. At least, where politics is going on, there are usually nice hors d'oeuvres."

"I try to avoid having thoughts. They lead to other thoughts, and -if you're not careful- those lead to actions. Actions make you tired. I have this on rather good authority from someone who once read it in a book."
Blushweaver sighed. "You avoid thinking, you avoid me, you avoid effort... Is there anything you don't avoid?"

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I loved it too ! I still have to find any negative comment about that book !

I can easily understand why ;)

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