Monday, 17 September 2012

The End of the Challenge!

So, I know we're late, but the past few weeks were kind of busy (you know, graduating, going on holidays, and so on).

So let's end this challenge where you were to read French books, either in French, or a translations of them.

I hope you had a great time, discovering those books and authors!

But let's stop talking and see what you guys did! Feel free to clic on the links of the different reviews!

Jeremy - Goal: 1 book (Antoine de St-Exupéry level)

-The Little Prince

=> 1 book - SUCCESS

Julia - Goal: 3 books (Alexandre Dumas level)

=> 0 book

Patty - Goal: 3 books (Alexandre Dumas level)

-Une gourmandise

-Le Tour du monde en 80 jours


=> 3 books - SUCCESS

Emma - Goal: 5 to 10 books (Albert Camus/Jules Verne level)

-The Adventures of Hergé

-Le Dieu du carnage

-Du côté de chez Swann

-An Accident in August

-Le Grand Meaulnes

-The Lovers of Algeria

=> 6 books - SUCCESS for the Albert Camus level

Charlotte - Goal: 10 books (Jules Verne level)

-Une Forme de vie

-Cahier d'un retour au pays natal

-Sierra Brulante

=> 3 books - That still makes the Alexandre Dumas level!

Ismé - Goal: 10 books (Jules Verne level)

=> 0 book

Cheri - Goal: 20 books (Victor Hugo level)

-The Rights of the Reader

=> 1 book - That still makes the Antoine de St-Exupéry level!

Congrats for those who tried and/or succeed!

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