Friday, 23 December 2011

New challenges for 2012!

The blog is now nearly six months old (or is it more?) and after many book reviews and a first giveaway, it's time to start with some reading challenges! They are the firsts but probably won't be the lasts...

Let's start with a nice Steampunk Challenge that got my eye the minute I saw it, organized by the great Bookish Ardour. The challenge is running from the first to the last day of 2012, and the idea is just to read as many Steampunk books as you can! Since we're pretty new to this, I will start with the lowest level, Geared, with 5 books to read. I don't know yet which books it will be, but there will be some Scott Westerfeld there for sure!

And since Bookish Ardour is organizing so many great things, we're also going to let ourselves be tempted by the Off the shelf Challenge! I don't know about you, but we've got so many books bought in the previous years that we haven't read yet! So it's high time to roll a challenge and get through those forgotten jewels. We'll be Making A Dint with 30 books to start with (woah!), let's see how we can manage to get these off the shelves!

We also just joined Goodreads (high time, right?), so we'll probably join the Reading Group Challenge for 2012. Add us as a friend (Lily and Lyra) and let's review books together!

And don't forget to join the French Books Reading Challenge, of course!

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