Monday, 28 May 2012

Update on the Challenge #1

So, we're three month away from the end of the We want YOU to read French Authors Challenge.
Some of you did a really good job so far!

As you may remember, the aim was (and still is) to read some French books (not necessarily in French) to discover a bit more about France and its authors

But enough, let's report your progress!

Jeremy - Goal: 1 book (Antoine de St-Exupéry level)

-The Little Prince

=> 1 book so far

Julia - Goal: 3 books (Alexandre Dumas level)


=> 0 book so far

Patty - Goal: 3 books (Alexandre Dumas level)

-Une gourmandise

=> 1 book so far

Emma - Goal: 5 to 10 books (Albert Camus/Jules Verne level)

-The Adventures of Hergé

-Le Dieu du carnage

-Du côté de chez Swann

-An Accident in August

-Le Grand Meaulnes

=> 5 books so far

Charlotte - Goal: 10 books (Jules Verne level)

-Une Forme de vie

-Cahier d'un retour au pays natal

-Sierra Brulante

=> 3 books so far

Ismé - Goal: 10 books (Jules Verne level)


=> 0 book so far

Cheri - Goal: 20 books (Victor Hugo level)


=> 0 book so far

Great job to Emma and Jeremy who have already succeded, and are willing to go further!
And to Betty and Charlotte who are on the right track!
Good luck and good reads to the others if they're still in the game!
If I've missed some of your readings, go put your links in the Mister Linky's Magical Box!

For those willing to, you still can enter the Challenge for the last three months!
But anyway there will be another edition of it, starting on September 1st! Plus, we linked our own reviews in the list-of-some-books-you-can-pick-for-the-Challenge so you can learn a little bit more about those books we talked about!

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This has been a fun challenge already (with only one book) and I'm starting my next book next week. Woo hoo!

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